Global Beatbox 003 (14.02.2013) Lloyd Charmers Special
Veröffentlicht am Montag, 11. Februar 2013 von Peter Roth

Lloyd Charmers R.I.P.

Eine Stunde Musik vom im Dezember verstorbenen jamaikanischen Sänger und Plattenproduzenten Lloyd „Charmers“ Tyrell.

Lloyd Charmers: Darker Than Blue (Wild Flower)
Ken Boothe: Everything I Own (Philips)
The Charmers: Bless You (Dutchess)
The Charmers: Long Walk Home (Muzik City)
The Charmers: Done Me Wrong (Voice Of The People)
The Charmers: Beware (R&B UK)
The Charmers: You Don´t Know (Giant)
The Charmers: I´m Glad I´m Back (Voice Of The People)
The Charmers: Oh My Baby (Voice Of The People)
The Charmers: Dip Them Prince (Wildbells)
Lloyd Charmers: Time Is Getting Hard (Coxsone)
Lloyd Charmers: Things Going Wrong (Studio One)
The Uniques: Never Let Me Go (Lee´s)
The Uniques: A Yuh (Tramp)
Loyd Tyrell: Bang Bang Lulu (Pama UK)
Lloyd Tyrell: Mr. Rhya (Nu Beat UK)
Lloydie & the Lowbites: Pussy Cat (Splash)
Lloyd Tyrell: Birth Control (Pama UK)
Lloyd Charmers: Skinhead Train (Explosion UK)
Lloyd Charmers: Xylon (Matador)
Lloyd Charmers: Ishan Cup (Splash)
The Charmers: Rasta Never Fails (Splash)
Lloyd Tyrell: Let´s Get It On (Harry J UK)